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Vision Statement

Is to utilize the knowledge, skills, and qualities of our team (and partners) to help to improve people’s quality of life and to contribute to building a better world.

Mision Statement

Provide innovative solutions to specific and neglected needs, generating the greater welfare and personal development for our users and facilitating their daily activities.

Core Values






What we do

Almisa Solutions is a company formed around the idea that there are many important areas in our daily lives that are, unfortunately, neglected by the contemporary technology trends and development fields, while some other areas are overemphasised, saturated, and sometimes even abused by businesses. We want to do something about that. That something being to create new socially contributing and responsible solutions to specific needs and issues in our daily lives, especially focused on neglected parts of the societies worldwide.

Our philosophy not only focuses on creating solutions that we believe are useful to society, but we strive to listen to and cooperate with others who share the same needs and problems, in order to gather all the experiences, knowledge, talents and skills to create sustainable solutions.

Our history

The company was founded to go forward with his dream of contributing to society, developing technological solutions for the needs that are most neglected by large technology companies in the world.

Once he realized that these services were viable, and that he was  not the only one with those needs, he gathered a team of likeminded people (employees, students, a network of advisers, specialists in specific fields, and our partners) who are fully committed in building, promoting, maintaining, and further developing these solutions.

Our partnerships

To date we have established links with different groups, societies, organizations and individuals, such as:

  1. Students: we have been providing scholarships and guidance to underprivileged students in developing countries. In return, they contribute some of their free time to work on the development of the services and learn about working in an international company at the same time.
  2. Dutch, European and international companies: we work together to develop software solutions.
  3. Doctors, psychologists and educational professionals: We are cooperating with them in creating the assistive software solutions they will be using in their daily activities.
  4. Educational institutions (high schools, colleges and academies): we partner in the development of various services, which they use as educational projects. Additionally, we offer tutoring and mentoring students as guest lecturers.
  5. A strong network of international specialists in marketing, design, software, hardware and law, focused on successfully developing all our projects.
  6. The list of our partners also includes non-profit organizations, professional societies, and chambers of commerce in several countries in the Americas and Europe. We are currently preparing the ground for expanding this network to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Almisa Solutions is outlined like a company that cares about society. Our goal is not monetizing our customers and enrich ourselves at their expense, we want to be part of their lives and help them improve it.

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